Venus Retrograde Series


The Venus Retrograde of 2018

Join decent astro along with Deep Sea Astrology and June Moon Astrology for a 7 week long series on the Venus Retrograde of 2018.

Running every Saturday from October 6th–November 17th
11:00–12:30pm at Psychic Sister PDX

This series of classes will be focused on understanding and best navigating the Venus retrograde cycle of 2018. Using a blend of astrology, tarot, and other intuitive tools, we will illuminate how to use this time to root deeper into our hearts and cultivate more authentic pleasure. The series will address the nature of retrograde cycles in astrology, the significance of Venus, how these function in our lives and what it all means on an individual level. We will be working with this retrograde in real time, with a class meeting each Saturday of the 7 week retrograde window. Each participant will receive personalized insights and will be provided an interactive workbook for each session. We welcome novice and advanced astrologers alike, and encourage participants to join us for the full series, as each week will build upon elements from the previous class.