Weekly Horoscopes

These horoscopes are written to be read for your rising sign, which you can calculate here with the time listed on your birth certificate. However, if you don’t know your rising sign, or are maybe just a contrarian, you can totally read for your sun sign or moon sign too. Your birth chart contains all 12 signs, so find what resonates for you.



Pisces season kicks off this week and sees you swirling in confusion. The mutable waves are heavy and might have you feeling lost or confused, in need of meditative solitude. Give plenty of time to your rest and dreamworld, noting any health issues or increased need for routine in the face of this swell. There’s also your hungry mind to balance and consider too. You are being pulled to travel more, and to take up new studies. Strive to let your desire for expansion enliven your days rather than fully deplete your energy right now. And stay focused at work! This week may see renewed commitments to your path, or serious contracts and offers being made. Your visibility and grace under pressure is powerfully important.


Pisces season sees you diving into the deep end within your community of friends. It’s a confusing but inspired time, and can help you to explore your own goals and wishes. Get lost in your big dreams, be fluid in your social scene, and use your intuition to call in the right support. A creative project might be coming to a head as well this week, and can help to keep you grounded. Earthy and realistic romance want to see you expressing your needs just as much as you give voice to your friends. And in the midst of these pulls, you also have the gift of pause. Your idleness is helping you expand into deeper layers of yourself and revealing hidden resources. Notice as well where you might be in need of finding or becoming more of a teacher and mentor. Responsibilities are blooming this week around foreign affairs and higher education.


Your work scene is inspired, illusive, and fully fluctuating. You might be overflowing with new career visions or swept up in doubt about which moves to make. Allow for flexibility and creative changes to unfold in their own time, and give ample focus to tending your own needs at home. Check in with your deepest self and process any family issues or unnecessary self criticism. Rest and pause often this week, and open to any psychic growth or insights. Serious intimacy may become more pressing, and either commitments are being made or blocks are being revealed. What do you need to share with others and what do you keep for yourself? Hold this question as you continue to see an influx of new relationships in your world. Expansive partnerships and commitments are challenging your work and home life to grow a little wilder too.


Faith and philosophy are flowing from your fingertips these Pisces days and daze. Many ideas might be spilling in and out of focus, and your ability to channel or divine information is highlighted. Make a trip to the sea or even a smaller local body of water if you are able. Your head may be in the clouds, but friends and siblings are likely to call you back down to earth, and quite literally. Take note of any calls or texts this week that leave threads to deeper understanding of what’s feeling unsaid these days. Your daily schedule will also require you still keep your feet on the ground, as you’re being further required to boldly steward your own health. Create more play and spontaneity in your routine to expand your energy. And be mindful of potent pulls to relate. Meaningful partnerships are on the table, with long term potential, but they won’t be easy, especially if they are not true for you. Allow for slow meaningful change to unfold, that is creating room for what you most want with another.


Your usual sunny disposition might be feeling a bit dull and in the swamp of things. Pisces season has you feeling less exuberant and more emotional. Your hidden waters are churning with confusion and longing, but there is also great potential for uncovering psychic information. Therapy or counsel might be worthy investments, as you are also maturing in your financial thinking. Money might be due or come your way, but regardless, consider the things you currently value and why. And be honest about how you hold your own self worth. An impromptu adventure might help to remind you of how fun and wonderful you can be without trying. Continue to pursue effortless fun in the face of your feels and self criticism. Spending time with favorite kiddos in your life should help lift your spirits. Also note any new information and acceptance around your health and your limitations. Lighten your load a little to clarify which commitments are truly important.


Swoon season is here, as your relationships are put at center stage. Visionary mergers, romantic partners, compassionate coupling and quite possibly confusing contracts — all of these are the mix right now. Balance your own personal growth with your desire for togetherness, and check in with how you’re doing with yourself. Your needs are just as valid as your partners’. And your home life is demanding that you stay in a little more to make better sense of these pulls between self and other. Whether you’re moving, visiting family, throwing house parties or just expanding your roots, your private life should be helping to restore your faith in your core self. Perhaps enough to see you make some major moves on a serious creative project. Commit to your projects with total devotion this week, and see what they reveal. Profound love is at work in your life, however solemn it might sometimes feel.


Be gentle these days, as you may be feeling especially fatigued or exhausted. Confusing health issues might be at play, but you also might just be trying to do too much. Find an intuitive pace you can work with, and adapt to any wonky schedules as best as you can. A little time spent hermiting is a good idea, but watch for any self censorship or nit-picking. Give in to the complexities of your reality and let go of any attachment to “perfection”. Trust that the right calls and messages will find their way to you, even when you’re hidden away. Your communications are lit up and should feel uplifting rather than overwhelming. Engage in the conversations that feel good, and look for expansive opportunities to come through neighbors and local friends. They’ll provide some pleasant diversions for when you’re not working through things at home. Hold and accept love from your family, and welcome compassion for the growing pains you’ve been enduring on many levels.


Fantasy season is upon you, Scorpio, as inspired play and mysterious visions take hold of your expression. Surrender to love, sing your poetry, and find meaningful ways to unleash your passion. The potential for surreal ecstasy is high, but you must be mindful of illusions and let the tides of joy eb and flow freely. Check in with your most trusted, reliable friends whenever you need a bit of grounding. Your dreams and goals are being illuminated, and asking that you find proper alignment to your community. Important communications could be coming through as well, with studious research paying off. There is the potential for amends with siblings or casual friends in this window too. Amidst these social, expressive threads, continue to expand your resources and assess your financial philosophy. Believe in your own inherent worth, and cultivate values that can carry and reflect that.


Your soft side is showing, as the focus is currently on your family and home. Things are ripe with both compassion and confusion. You might be feeling unsettled or uncertain, but this yearning is an important part of you. Schedule in extra dream time and space for reflection this week. And look to your career for a culmination point and illumination of your nuanced skills in the world. Perhaps a new offer could arrive, but don’t lose sight of your work-life balance, and what it takes to get your needs met. In fact those needs should be growing quite loud these days, as you are cultivating wild new layers of self. Continue to express and explore your budding confidence in a manner that is more bold than brash. Your exuberance is expanding many facets of your world. And money matters provide new clues this week, as you continue to get serious about your resources. Budgeting or clarifying your values are worthy endeavors at present.


Missed calls and typos might begin to riddle your world, but your confusing communications are also likely to stir your charity. Be kind in your dealings and be curious about any baffling interactions. Consider using this window to engage in more small acts of ritual, like meditating or bathing at the full moon. Your mind is full of ideas both mundane and magical, and these pulls from above and below are enlivening your perspective. Create time for solitude to witness these changes and dream of transcendent philosophies. Rest is key in the midst of all this mental chaos so that you can find more meditative meaning. And stand bravely in yourself this week, however soft, severe, or startling. You are becoming more of your authentic self and easing into your ongoing changes. Be serious about your own development, and practice devotion to yourself


Pisces season may find you scratching your head around resources. What you value and what it’s worth might be shifting in some unseen way, and clarity might be out of reach. Reflect on your felt needs, and consider flexible solutions for getting them met. Notice where your self worth has grown slippery, and invest in understanding. There are likely links here to intimacy and the resources you share. Look for outside support, examine your emotional inheritances, and explore your hidden layers for forgotten reserves. You’re still deep in your cocoon awaiting transformation, but this week may show flashes of new colors in your wings. Learn to love in the dark and surrender to the unknown. Friends will find you and pull you up whenever things feel too hard. Accept their encouragement, and let it spark brighter visions for your own future, motivating wild goals and growth.


Mutable muffins, your solar season is here and messy as ever. Might it see you full of hope and bright with wonder. Express yourself freely, and watch how your thoughts expand and contract in time. There’s a lot of inspired confusion and clouded realities, but your intuition should help you move through it. Look for help from partners, too, as relationship insights are likely to pop up. Agreements and collaborations are well starred, and should help you to better see and understand yourself. They may even cross over into your work, which continues to see you expand and glow. You may be offered a new title, faced with new responsibilities, or having to move for your job. Follow through on the work that leaves you feeling lighter, and embrace the opportunities that brighten your world. Friends can help you to discern what does and what does not align with your dreams. And impactful supporters might be made known this week, as you are channeling added social grace and authority in your community.

Gabrielle Moritz