Mercury Retrograde March Horoscopes

This month’s horoscopes are dedicated to Mercury retrograde. It truly is the star of the month, taking place from March 5th–March 28th, and it is likely to make for a wild time. Mercury retrograde is increasingly everyone’s favorite excuse for things going wrong, and while that will likely still feel true this month, it’s not the only thing a retrograde’s good for. These periods of time ask us to loosen up, slow down, and reconsider things. In many ways, they are tremendously helpful, annoying or not. So read on for personal insights into where and how Mercury will be shaking up your March.

As usual, I write horoscopes to be read for your rising sign, which you can calculate here with the time listed on your birth certificate. However, if you don’t know your rising sign, or are maybe just a contrarian, you can totally read for your sun sign or moon sign too. Your birth chart contains all 12 signs, so find what resonates for you.

Good luck this March!



Your work this retrograde is to get comfortable behind the scenes. There is much work to be done around letting go and surrendering to your feelings. While you usually are able to act boldly and quickly to make things happen, March will have you feeling muted instead. At the start of the retrograde, set some intentions around how you step back and slow down. Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you comfortable not knowing?

Are you able to practice forgiveness in the face of fear?

Can you still be worthy without taking visible action?  

Meditation or volunteer service work could prove helpful activities for you in this process of release. At the middle of the month, stay open to new insights and notice how your unraveling has revealed clues around your career calling, and also forced you to develop some new beliefs. By month’s end, allow creative expression and gentle rest to carry you out of this retrograde window. Slowly your energy will return to you in new ways, and your intuition can help guide the way through any doubts.


Friends, dreams, and your social scene are due for a changeup, and this retrograde is here to stir the pot. Although you don’t care much for change or unknowns, it is in your groups and your goals that you are the most loose and inspired. What this retrograde then asks is:

Are your friendships spacious enough for your whole self?

Do you feel meaningfully heard by your community?

Are your current visions in alignment with your most compassionate self?

Reflect, rethink, and review these questions and their answers all month. Allow for mixups to occur with more curiosity than frustration. By mid month, notice what support you receive that feels experientially expansive and sit with any tensions that come up around going deeper or sharing resources with others. Insights are likely to arrive, but are not yet ready to be fully actualized. By the end of the month, give yourself more opportunities to creatively express yourself with folks. Pursue opportunities to connect with other heartfelt visionaries, and begin to communicate with new depths of feeling.


Mercury retrogrades are more likely to be on your radar than true for most, and this one is on full alarm. Whereas you are known for your ability to connect the many dots and speak multifaceted truths, Mercury spends March much more interested in not knowing or using words at all. And it is in your career that you are asked to work with this fluid energy. Throughout the month, ride out any reversals and think about how your work makes you feel. In between your own questioning, consider the following prompts:

Are you inspired by your work in the world?

Does your profession feel sacred to you?

Is there enough heart, compassion, or wonder in what you do?

Your professional purpose is to embody grace and goodwill in a public way. Notice how that does or does not feel true. In the middle of the month, listen for new clues, perhaps from hidden sources, and take on the challenge of finding the right partners to help you on your path. As the month ends, and Mercury begins to crawl forward again, soften into some new faith for the road ahead. Notice how much information you miss out on when you require that it be verbal. Let your dreams take up more space.


This Mercury retrograde is likely to see you quite starry eyed and full of wonder. The topics most in flux for you are around your higher mind, your personal philosophies, and foreign or faraway experiences. It could feel refreshingly uplifting or disarmingly disorienting, and most likely will hold waves of both. Some thoughts to ponder under this spell include:

How open and inclusive are your world views?

Are you in touch with your beliefs, and does your faith see you through hard times?

How might you experience deeper connection to the vast world around you?

Read your old books or travel to a favorite haunt that’s well outside of town to help feel out these questions and their answers. The middle of March should illuminate some new information, and may link back to powerful partnering in your life. Still, be mindful of balancing all of this discovery with an appropriate schedule and health regimen, as the mundane can teach you just as much as the magical. At the month’s end, with Mercury’s station direct, open your mind to reflect the expression of your whole heart. Tools for channeling and divination, like the tarot or just your own psychic gut, can help you name and uncover the fresh insights you have been seeking.


Mercury retrograde will be primarily taking place under wraps for you, as March puts most of the focus on your hidden emotional depths. How you share with others, the nature of your inheritances, and the back corners of your psyche are all terrain to be getting a closer look this month. It’s rarely the most comfortable territory for you solar folks, but it is rich with insights and meaningful mysteries. Questions to help you navigate this psychic deep dive are as follows:

What fears do you hold around your emotions and fully expressing your feelings?

Do you foster enough relationships that allow you to fully unravel?

Do you know how to trust your intuition and receive fully without remorse?

Hold these questions in moments of sorrow or stillness. Mid-March should spill a few secrets on these topics, with ties back to your evolving duties and routine, but they might feel at odds with your increasing desire to simply play and enjoy ease. As the month ends, find a good moment to pause, breathe, and let go of some old fears so that you can feel into more of your connected knowing.


As a Mercury ruled sign, these retrogrades are often an extra nuisance for you, and this round looks to be no different. Your usual ability to suss out the details, make pragmatic plans, and critically assess a situation is now being thrown for a loop, and it is blurring the lines of communication in your commitments. You will be facing a great deal of confusion and uncertainty in your relationships this March, but the goal of this mess is to help you remember what feels meaningful to you. Seeing that you are the master of over-analyzing, and this retrograde is about feelings more than facts, I want to present you with some mantras for this month rather than questions. Whenever the not knowing feels like to much, reflect on these offerings:

Your intuition is just as valid as your research.

Some questions do not have answers.

Connection to the divine is your birthright.

At the middle of the month, powerful experiences of pleasure are likely to help point out some important new details about your mergers. Notice as well how home and family matters might be in conflict with your current commitments, and feel out where your attention is most needed between the two. The retrograde will end by the 28th, so spend the final week of March softening to let go. Trust that the relationships that are meant to be will transcend any uncertainties or doubts, and that those ready to dissolve are no longer serving your highest good.


This Mercury retrograde has a high potential for making you feel more exhausted than you’d care to be. In general, your health and habits are an often nebulous topic, and this March that is infinitely so. Your daily grind might be stirring up all sorts of strange emotions, but hopefully this great mess of feelings can also help you to heal. Some questions to hold in the midst of this messy month:

Are you able to prioritize your rest and your daydreaming with the rest of your to-dos?

Can you further explore the relationship between your physical health and your emotions?

Are you practicing regular and sufficient energetic hygiene?

The middle of the month could prove enlightening in these areas, and is likely to include support from your home and nest. Be careful not to take on too many communications, though, as your desire to engage in information and exchange might overwhelm your equal need to just aimlessly float through these days. By the end of the month, and this retrograde, try to cultivate a more regular practice of letting go. Clear your spaces with salt and herbs, take daily baths/showers with this intention, and try out a float tank or reiki or some form of energetic bodywork to help melt away any remaining funk.


While sure to be wonky, this retrograde could be pretty fun for you Scorps if you play your cards right. Love, expression, creativity, and youthful abandon are steadily on your mind and up for review. It’s a good window for you to space out and spend time in your deeper waters. As you navigate these mutable and mystifying vibes, consider these questions:

What abandoned creative projects are waiting for your return?

Are you able to get lost and relinquish control in love?

Are you getting enough opportunities to play without self judgement?

Deeper inspiration should find you mid-month, that may have to do with incorporating more ritual or creative communication into your practices. Be mindful of any extreme expenses, however, and invest in experiences over schemes. The end of the month will be a powerful time to call in your creative vision and channel down ethereal and transcendent self expression. Allow your activated and renewed imagination to flow freely into your days ahead, filling your cup with more joy and deep seated contentment.


March has much of your time tied up in home and family matters with this retrograde. Your roots run deep like a well, and your exuberant personality has a supremely emotional underbelly. This month might trigger feelings of doubt or guilt or despair amongst familial ties, but it also holds keys to more meaningful empathy and better understanding of your own story. To help move through this process, spend some time with the following questions:

How often do you embrace your emotions, your softer side?

Are your home and family holding vast enough space for you?

Could you be more forgiving and compassionate with yourself?

Mid-March should hold some brief moments of new clarity, illuminating profound truths about your roots and their relationship to your self-worth. Try not to skip out and run-off on some other adventure before you’ve finished this inner work. All these changes are ultimately helping you gain a more holistic grasp of your true self. As the month ends, let your mantra be that of forgiveness, and prioritize love that is as wise as it is gentle.


A month of many edits and subsequent drafts is likely, as March’s Mercury retrograde is running wild with your communications. And any local trips, errands, meet-ups, and casual conversations are on the table too. Try not to get lost in the of sea information, and strive to remain flexible and forgiving towards these matters. To help loosen you up and productively tap into this retrograde, consider taking on the following tasks:

Read and reflect on old journals, emails, texts, reports.

Practice regular creative writing and doodling — write morning pages.

Pull a tarot card everyday.

Your exchanges mid-month are primed to shine a light on some valuable information. Notice the insights that are helping you to better understand yourself and transform, despite any discomfort or anxiety it may also stir. And find a healthy balance between time spent alone and time spent keeping busy. As March comes to an end, take a short trip to a local body of water and write a list of all you have learned and let go of this month.


Your values are shifting and needing to be reexamined this March. Mercury retrograde may result in a fluctuating pocket book and wants you to turn a more intuitive eye towards your resources. Clarity on these matters isn’t the point right now, but rather tolerance and sensitivity are. Work on greater flexibility and faith, and think about the following questions throughout the month:

How do you feel about your finances, and how does this affect your self belief?

Are you comfortable with your resources being fluid?

Do you count your compassion and grace as valuable assets?

Look out for some new ideas to come up around the middle of March on these topics. You may gain further insights into the financial realities of a secret project or you may feel some unease around your evolving sense of worth. Support could suddenly popup, but be mindful of the full implications, and know that lasting solutions are unlikely right now. By the end of the month, take some time to fully envision and imagine the resources you would most like to call in. Notice your doubts or fears, but try to reach beyond them, and align with your highest ideals.


If you thought you knew who you were, think again, and again, and again, this March. Mercury retrograde is going to put the bulk of your mental focus back on you. How you speak, your own self perception, and any narratives you hold about who you are, are all under investigation. Don’t worry too much about being understood accurately, and spend the month exploring your own understanding of your identity. To help you work through this process and channel the current energies, consider the following exercises:

Spend time in or near water everyday.

Make a habit of consuming more movies, museums, and music.

Wear more sequins or silk or shimmer.

The middle of March will have moments of keen awareness, and should highlight who you are newly becoming with the support of influential groups and friends. Strike an appropriate balance between enjoying your advancements at work and fully engaging in this process of self refinement and reflection. In the final days of March, plan a day of self care or self enchantment, that sees you swept up in your own dreamy waves of tender compassion.

Gabrielle Moritz