Weekly Horoscopes

These horoscopes are written to be read for your rising sign, which you can calculate here with the time listed on your birth certificate. However, if you don’t know your rising sign, or are maybe just a contrarian, you can totally read for your sun sign or moon sign too. Your birth chart contains all 12 signs, so find what resonates for you.

Horoscopes for the “week” of February 1st–February 10th, 2019


Fire babes! Are feeling inspired yet? Celebrate your friendships that feed you this week, and continue to cultivate communities that push you forward. It’s a great window to set some goals and be on the lookout for new insights about what you want to manifest for your future. And take note of any pressures or big shifts at work. Your worldly presence has been undergoing some serious transformations for a while now, and the sense of urgency is rising. Make sure your public image is in alignment with your core self. By week’s end you should be in a softer state to quietly reflect on these threads.


Hey bull babies! There’s a lot on your current cosmic plate, but it’s not all bad. Much of your focus right now is on work and career stuff, and it’s a fantastic time to suss out how your existing work is feeding you. Write down any dreams or sudden visions, and remember to check in with your body first and foremost to verify how you’re really doing. Do you feel good in your current situation? Would something else bring you more pleasure? Allow time to do some uncomfortable behind the scenes work right now as you boldly hold these concerns. The process of change can feel kind of gross, but it is helping you to build new and necessary roots. What shifts will better support your non-negotiable needs and help you feel more secure down the road?


Hey, hi, hello! Aquarius season is likely lifting your spirits these days, but there are still a few tasks left from Capricorn. The main issue you can’t quite avoid is in and around how you get serious. It can feel pretty vulnerable for you to plan too far ahead or sit with the weight of your current reality and legacy to date. Figure out what close relationships help you to navigate these hidden needs and give them regular time and investment. And if you’re not sure who these folks are, take inventory of your scene, as the rest of your world is pretty social. Your friends and communities are supplying a lot of energy right now, helping you to connect to meaningful partners. Your 1-to-1 relationships are really looking to open up your world. Might these many and varied ties spark new perspectives and encourage you to experience and explore more.


Hello sweet crabs! This time of year can often demand some serious shell time for your tender spirit. And true as that may be, your work and relationships are forcing you to peak out from your fortress a little more often than you’d normally choose to. Pressures are continuing to grow around prioritizing right relationships, and that includes your career connections. Are the others in your life helping you to claim your calling? Or are they holding you back from pursuing your passions without fear? Pay attention to how folks show up for you this month, and learn how to let go of the ones who aren’t meaningfully holding space for you. Give time to reflect on and uncover any old stories getting in the way of your health and ambition. Reclaim your forgotten truths, sit vulnerably with the mystery, and ask for ancestral help by leaving them offerings at the new moon.


Hey Queens! The bright spot of Aqua season for you is getting to see your light shared with and reflected upon all of your collabs and sweeties. You’re charged with A LOT of flirty and creative energy this year, and it’s likely to supercharge your one-on-ones. Continue to embrace inspiring collaborators and people that feel inherently fun. In cultivating these relationships, they can hopefully help you deal, or at least catch a break from, the annoying work you’re having to do around your health and habits. You’re really being pushed to change the game when it comes to your routines, and it can feel at odds with your general make-it-happen philosophy. Spend this month figuring out where you can take pride in your grind and feel good about your mandatory responsibilities and self care.


Virgo cuties, here’s the truth — this week does have some sore spots, but it also comes bearing a few gifts. In general, you’re really working hard to redefine your creative efforts and sense of self expression, and it’s about to sweeten up! Do your best to regularly make time for your loves and favorite hobbies, and prioritize your pleasure for the whole of this month. And that goes especially for when you’re feeling riled up. Strive to channel any aggression or repressed heat into physical, creative action. And don’t skimp on play time, because the rest of your focus is on daily, repetitive work. The nitty gritty details in your life might start feeling pretty incessant, but their persistence is helping you uncover hidden narratives you’re ready to release. Reflect on these concealed and inherited aspects of your personality, noting what you’ve outgrown, and get to work on restructuring your daily routine to better support your whole self. Soon the conversation will shift to your relationships, so make sure you’ve shed some light on your own evolving needs this week.


Balanced beauties, I hope you’ve been enjoying the fun of Aquarius season! It’s a lovely time for you to flirt freely, make eyes with abandon, and celebrate your own unique style. If things have been feeling at all stale, plant some new seeds of play by starting a new project or finding a new bar to entertain. Make time to get out and mingle and use your voice. And if you meet a few keepers, invite ‘em home! This month’s sweetest goodies are waiting for you in your own nest. Spend some serious downtime at home whenever you need to recharge, and feel free to invest in some cozy and quality upgrades. You’ve been having to change a great deal about how, and perhaps where, you root yourself, often to the dismay of your partners, but this month helps soften and soothe these notes.


Not that you’re ever too thrilled with the season of the Water Bearer, deep Scorps, but this spell is particularly meh. The main focus for you is on your family and your underground roots, the bits of you you’ve buried, deep down below, in the dark. Take plenty of alone time this week to get in touch with these threads of you. Utilize your schedule and your resources to help you ground deeper into yourself. And continue to pay attention to your environment and your communication. While there might be some ongoing challenges in your neighborhood or sibling relationships, there is plenty of potential for healing some things over this month. Perhaps take up a new class or spend some extra time at a local coffee shop to find a little more ease and pleasure throughout this month.


Sweetie Sadge! Are things looking rosy yet? This year holds so much growth for you, and this week’s a bit of an extra boost. Expanding and declaring your individuality is a continued emphasis that is asking you to get out and explore your local sphere. Bars, grocery stores, coffee shops, the gas station — leave no stone unturned! Plenty of adventure is to be found for you just down the street. Follow that bliss bb, and let it pull you to new ideas and community already woven into your neighborhood. And as new facets of you begin to bloom, start investing in resources that will help you become more free and more connected to your joy. This month will highlight the gift of your values and finances, which could look like some money coming your way or just like an extra dose of gratitude and smart spending of what you’ve got.


Boss babes, there’s been a lot on your desk these days, and Aquarius season is prime time for reassessing what you value and how you’re investing in your future. If you’re in need of calling in some new resources, give a little time to reflect and vision on what it is you’re truly after. This month is looking to send some extra lovin’ your way, so commit to enjoying the pleasures of your body and being, and allow yourself to be seen for all of your powerful beauty. As you continue to work on redefining, and in many ways, recreating yourself, there’s still a fair amount of concealed work going on. Make time for stillness or solo outbursts in this process. Find windows to sneak out of town on your own, and work to physically move through and release secret fears and anxieties.


My dear Aquarius, have you been resting? I know it’s your solar season, but you’ve also been tasked with so much unraveling and surrender. It’s an ongoing job for you (and may be at odds with your desire to reemerge amongst your communities already) but hopefully it begins to feel a little easier this month. There is now more delight to be found in your solitude, and contentment to be found behind closed doors. And thanks to your diligent rest this winter, there are new calls for your presence that you are more than happy to answer. Again, the sun is spilling with Aquarius, and under its glow you might check in with your sense of self and give it new voice. Reflect upon who you are and who you are striving to become. Make offerings to your future self, and celebrate the joy that it is to simply be, here in your body, at this specific time.


Water darlings, we’re not quite under the Pisces sun, but there are joys to be had while you wait. Your relationship to your friends and chosen company is undergoing a major, long term transformation, and during this month you will begin to witness the ways in which it has grown in delight. Find groups that uplift and illuminate your visions, peers that are tangibly supportive of your goals. Take pride in your aspirations, as the rest of your week will focus more on your surrender. Before you can bask in the glow of Pisces season, you must reflect on any fears or transcendent truths that the Water Bearer illuminates for you. Meditate. Be still. Rest. Your dedicated solitude will help you release any ghosts you’ve outgrown. Allow yourself to be multitudes, as you are, and let your values and higher calling help guide the way back to your wholeness.