Weekly Horoscopes

These horoscopes are written to be read for your rising sign, which you can calculate here with the time listed on your birth certificate. However, if you don’t know your rising sign, or are maybe just a contrarian, you can totally read for your sun sign or moon sign too. Your birth chart contains all 12 signs, so find what resonates for you.

Horoscopes for the week of February 11th–February 17th, 2019


Any long overdue changes or displays of strength are ready to burst forth at the start of this week. Embrace your eccentricities and find ways to adjust your appearance to better match your bold sense of self. You’ll then find your energy refocusing on your resources and with a deeper desire for security in this realm. Over the next six weeks you may feel some money tensions or tightness. Recognize what shifts in stubborn patterns or values help you to feel actively engaged in acquiring the stability you crave. Maybe work boons can help in these matters too, as your career is looking to brighten up a bit. By week’s end make sure you’re getting enough rest to stay inspired about the work you do. And look to your friends to remind you of your wild side. Your rebellious streak is admired and appreciated by your community.


In sudden shake-ups I hope you are finding cathartic release. Any angst or issues around surrender and solitude are coming to a head early this week. This unseen liberation will begin to color your own view of self, and with it you will be entering a six week window that sees you newly energized. It will be helpful to actively be in your body at this time, and to find pleasurable outlets for any excess energy. A bi-coastal trip or scholarly study might be an enjoyable weekend activity to help find release. Escape with you friends or spend time contemplating the next steps for your future. In moments of solitude you might gain exciting insights for your career.


Lookout for social surprises or plain ‘ol community burnout. The week starts with some important and impassioned changes amidst your friends. As it blows over, you’re being pulled into a stubborn surrender and will have to slow down. For the next six weeks use your energy to slowly release old patterns, soothe hidden wounds, and find grounding in your body. Quiet time and deep reflection have much to teach you, and are likely to rouse visionary shifts and softening around your profession. Allow new friends to expand your world whenever you’re called out of your burrowing.


Change is imminent in your career, and major reveals will be made by Tuesday. Rise to the occasion, and stand bravely in your power for whatever comes your way. Soon you will be swept up in social demands and community action. Over the next six weeks your energy is best used in steady commitment to your goals and dreams. Perhaps a partner of yours could help you find new inspiration about you course and your purpose. Let sweet relationships soften your perspective. And at week’s end, your newly charged career might help liberate you from any heavy debts. Look for relief and release through both intimacy and inheritances.


Lookout for big ideas, sudden invites abroad, and game changing shifts in your philosophy. Whether you find yourself in a crisis of faith or at a culmination point in your education, self expansion is being demanded of you. And let it spark in you a new career drive. For the next six weeks you slow down and get focused on your work. Your ability to show up and consistently take on the demands of your job will result in steady, enduring growth. A good self care routine will help lift your energy too. Restorative routines can help you to release stored trauma and tap into your psychic reservoirs. And your partners have new ideas for you to brighten up your perspective and further align you to your authenticity.


Whatever’s been boiling below the surface for you is ready to burst forth. Burn away old fears, and collect on your inheritance of courage and great strength. Your intense shadow work will break way for new horizons and the desire to indulge in escape. For six weeks your energy will be fixed on pleasurable, expansive adventures and rooting into philosophies that help you to feel secure. Your sense of play is quite activated too, and will be adding a touch of romance to your weekend. Share your creative vision with others and let joy transport you. And take note of any shifts in health or habits from the support of hidden resources.


Your relationships are on fire, and whether that feels good or bad is dependent on your own unique set of circumstances. Whether you like the heat or not, liberating passions are likely to be strong at the onset of this week, and out of the blue oppositions can’t be avoided. Be curious about what these tensions spark, and then turn your focus towards your deeper needs newly stirred. Work to clear any stubborn blocks to intimacy and learn to sit still with your discomfort. Shared resources may become a point of tension or urgency in the six weeks ahead. The weekend bodes well for extended naps at home, however, and rest provides a great escape from any illusory demands. Make time for inspired self care to deepen your relationship with yourself. And notice how your self expression brings in exciting changes to how you are able to relate to others. Eclectic mates can inspire you to find more play.


Be on the lookout for sudden health concerns and/or solutions. A breakthrough in your habits and routine is unfolding at the start of your week, leaving you with some major notes. As the intensity dies down, your partnerships fall into new focus. Relationships are likely to heat up and your desire for physical togetherness is strong for the next six weeks. From fine meals to more time in the bedroom, make time for shared sensuality rather than stubborn feuds. In fact, flirty texts over the weekend could sweep you off your feet, so be open to flowing communication that comes your way. You’re almost out of your nesting phase, and your changing schedule will help illuminate the ways you’ve grown at home.


Inspiration is alarmingly high right now and I hope you’re feeling the charge! Ecstatic play and wild expression are demanding your energy at the start of the week. Use it while ya got it, as the tides then turn towards steady self care and regular routines. You might become busy with chores over the next six weeks, but consistent effort and endurance will help you find steady wellbeing. Tend to any irritations with patience and a soft touch. And for a soothing weekend, investments in your home or luxurious self care might sweeten things up. You’ll also find insights from unexpected messages and fun surprises in your neighborhood.


Are you moving or just being moved? Your foundation is undergoing an earthquake, and who/what/where you call home is changing. This week kicks off with some serious tensions in your nest, but its urgency quickly passes as you entertain new needs for pleasure. Your next six weeks see an influx in creativity, and demands that your energy is spent prioritizing play. Stay dedicated to your projects and find comfort in steady self expression. In fact, be sure to celebrate your own tenderness by the week’s end, as your glow isn’t going unnoticed. Bask in your beauty and find poetic pleasures amidst your local community. And as you continue to process the evolution of your home life, think about any changes that will require your investment of resources, noticing which values are being illuminated that radically root you to your personal truths.


Pay attention to any and all communications coming through in the early days of this week. Revolutionary info is headed your way, and surprising conversations are ready to be had. You may be suddenly off on a quick trip, or receive startling news, but the week’s early stirrings will settle down Thursday, and remind you of the comforts of home. The following six weeks see an increase in your desire to nest and rest, and have you slowing down to stay in. Whether you are tired or restless, use your energy to steadily work on alleviating any tensions at home, or deep within yourself. At the weekend, you’re likely feeling a subtle pull between your introversion and social needs. Make time for secret investments and gifts of forgiveness, while also finding windows to share any new ideas and to express your evolving and emerging identity.


Your resources are lit up this Tuesday, so take note of any sudden windfall. You could be in urgent need, or powerfully profiting, or caught in impulsive spending. But whatever it is, just be sure to pay attention to your shifting values and the ways in which you might become more financially free. You’ll find yourself slowing down into a more local routine next, and will have six weeks of focus on your communications. Quick trips and repetitive errands could take up the bulk of your energy, so strive to find a comfortable rhythm in your commutes. And for your weekend consider an outing with friends, as their love and support is sure to enchant and inspire you. You’re almost in your solar season, Pisces, so let your bold new values help you to surrender to these last few days of introspection, knowing that they will soon carry you into deeper union with yourself.

Gabrielle Moritz