September Horoscopes

Our horoscopes are written to be read for your rising sign, which you can calculate here with the time listed on your birth certificate. However, if you don’t know your rising sign, or are maybe just a contrarian, you can totally read for your sun sign or moon sign too. Your birth chart contains all 12 signs, so find what resonates for you.



Happy September, fire babies! It’s thoroughly Virgo season, and while it’s unlikely to be your favorite time of year, it may well be your most efficient. The start of the month emphasizes your need to tend to your health, spend more time on details, and to be tedious with your tasks. Work may feel a little endless and annoying, but if you can figure out which habits and systems serve your schedule best, you have the potential to see some serious strides in September’s early weeks. By mid-month’s Pisces full moon, allow for a window to pause and reflect on how your work makes you feel, letting rest and release take precedence for a moment. Perhaps a trip, or even just a really good book, will help to take your mind off things. Take note of any inspiration that emerges, and find simple ways to let it flow back into your projects and routines. As the month turns, your priorities will shift to your relationships. The transition to Libra season is likely to bring moments of meaningful togetherness and exchange, but it may also illuminate some tensions between your professional responsibilities and your ability to be present with your partners. At month's end, along with the Libra new moon, take note of your relationships and how well they inspire and support you. Look for opportunities to build new bonds that bring balance, and renew the commitments in your life that prioritize integrity and kindness over perceived power or status.  


September’s here, Taurus babes, and it starts out pretty swell for you! While the early weeks see us still deep in Virgo season, you’re being encouraged to nurture your creative side and have a little more fun. Your earthy vibes get a steady uplift, allowing you to be more expressive, more playful, and more curious. And as the month starts nearing its halfway point, along with the Pisces full moon, it’s a great time to share your joy and inspiration with your friends and closest others. Get in touch with your compassionate side, and allow it to help you navigate any tensions around shared resources and letting go. It’s an excellent window to pull a few tarot cards or work with an altar to call in deeper support. The more you can flow and bend, these days, the less likely you are to shut down and break. From mid-month into September’s final days, your carefree streak starts to taper off, and you’ll need to start paying a little more attention to your health. As Libra season slides in, you’re likely to be spending more time wrapped up in your daily tasks and keeping up with the grind of life. Try to implement a balanced and measured schedule, and delegate when you are able. With the Libra new moon in the mix, set some intentions around how you take care of yourself in relationship to how you take care of others. Lean into a slower pace when you’re able, and be mindful of when your ideals of how you “should be” interfere with the reality of how you simply are. 


Hey twins! Welcome to September, a month that’ll see you taking it pretty easy, and often staying in. As the month starts out, you’re most interested in hanging at home and getting time with your fam. And while your household may have a lot going on, you’re likely to be in some serious need of rest and recuperation. Moments of retreat and grounding will help you to slow down and get centered. By mid-month’s Pisces full moon, you may be asked to share your revived calm or compassion with a larger audience. Perhaps it’s a good time to reveal a new creative project, or in the other direction, perhaps it is time to let go of a job that’s become more draining than it is inspiring. Feel free to look to your partners for insights and fresh advice. Allow yourself enough time to fully process your emotions and go slow, as your patience will surely be rewarded in September’s final weeks. The end of the month sees your social streak return, and the vibe shifts to flirty and fun. You relationships can feel especially uplifting, but your most intimate partnerships might feel some high pressure moments in the mix. With the Libra new moon at month’s end, prioritize your joy while taking note of who you feel called to get serious with. Insecurity or withholding may put a damper on your good times, but if you can find the right folks to trust, your sincerity can help you to suss out the right longterm loves.   


Welcome to September, tender crabs! The month kicks off with you keeping busy around the neighborhood and feeling inundated with new information. This time of year is a great window to reach out to siblings and local peers alike, reconnecting and tending to your inner network. Messages or quick trips could come up out of the blue, and flexibility will help you to make the most of this time. With the Pisces full moon at the middle of the month, a change in scenery may encourage inspiration to strike as well as intuition to blossom. The dreamier you can be the better, as a softened and expanded worldview can help you make sense of your own place and current responsibilities. As far as you are able to, though, try to balance your fluidity of spirit with a continued commitment to your health and routines. Then, as the month moves into its final weeks, Libra season arrives, and your community connections start to take a back seat to the moments that can be spent at home. Your nest and your family gain a hold of your heart, and conversations therein can reveal a simple sweetness. But in the final September days, along with a nudge from the Libra new moon, you’re asked to make some new plans regarding who and where you call home. Tensions may arise between your partnerships or agreements and your domestic desires, so be sure to make decisions based in kindness and integrity, as your world continues to take on a new shape.


Leo loves, as Virgo season keeps on rolling, your September starts out with a major focus on your resources. Early this month you are asked to get critical about what you have, what you need, and what you want. Having a clear picture of your finances will help you to stay motivated at work, and can push you to take on new tasks and responsibilities with greater focus. Around mid-month, and under the light of the Pisces full moon, take a break from any excessive busyness and take note of your spiritual resources. Allow others to help support you, allow yourself to feel into your uncertainties, and find meaningful opportunities to be emotionally vulnerable. A night out or fun escape might help spark your energy, too, but it may be a month that requires more planning than spontaneity on that front. As the last few weeks of September roll in, your days shift into a more comfortable pace, with increased communications and opportunities for connection. There will still be a need to mind your daily grind, and take good care of your health, but equally so, much of your time will be best spent enjoying your local community and getting caught up with your crew. At the Libra new moon near the month’s end, reflect on what new information or networks might be helpful for you to better manage your time and energy. Look for ways to cultivate a more balanced perspective around those tasks that have grown to feel too burdensome. 


It’s September, and that means it’s your time to shine, Virgo! The month begins with the focus on you, all the way from how you look to how you experience and navigate your world. Be sure to take your fair share of me-time, and invest in yourself. With your charm at its peak, in and around the Pisces full moon, share the love, as mid-month sees you celebrating your partners and reveling in their sweetness. It’s a dreamy and inspired window, with opportunities to uncover some grounded love and a deepened commitment to a personal project or two. It also further illuminates the growth you are experiencing at home and deep within yourself. And as the month moves on, and Libra season begins, start to give a little more time to your resources. The second half of September is a good time to be reflecting on your finances and working to call in more of the means that you’re after. Note what needs balancing and where you could shift your priorities to better suit your lifestyle, as well as any creative pursuits in need of more or less funding. At month’s end, and with the Libra new moon, you are asked to clarify your intentions around your cash flow and sense of security. Be vocal about your needs and open to receiving, but also be aware of the ways in which your investments are tied to your self-expression and vitality. You may have to make or face some difficult decisions regarding children, play, or romance, and how they currently align with your values.   


It’s your wind-down season, Libra cuties, as early September has your sights set on rest. The first few weeks of the month may have you feeling a little anxious or withdrawn, and your social side is in need of a break. Find regular windows for solitude, read or journal, and be gentle with your body. During the mid-month days surrounding the Pisces full moon, restorative practices or holistic care can help you to feel more balanced and nourished, as might some time spent at home or with family. Take advantage of this time to give to yourself, so that as the month turns, you will be ready to re-emerge and re-engage with your world. From mid-September on, your energy begins to return to you, and you can feel more like your agreeable self. In this second half of the month, lean into your local community a little more for windows of ease and amusement. And as you begin to enjoy the renewed sense of self that Libra season brings you, be prepared to draw boundaries with your time. Month’s end, along with the Libra new moon, will highlight you and your personal wants and needs, but it will also feel at odds with the demands of your home life. Try to figure out a reasonable balance between honoring your own desires while adequately managing the realities and responsibilities of your family and your roots.    


September’s arrived, and the month starts out well in your favor, Scorpio. In these early weeks, you’re likely to be gathering with friends and making plans for you future. It’s a great time be emerged in your community and to look for further supportive networks to help you shine. And by the light of the Pisces full moon, mid-month should be rather inspiring, bringing creative insights and dreamy fun your way. It’s a great window to go on a date or go see a show, just mind your budget accordingly, as you may be feeling especially generous (or just lucky). Then through September’s second half, you’re due for a reprieve from all the socializing. Libra season looks to quiet your world down, so as to give you adequate pause before the Scorpio Sun arrives next month, preparing to brighten your days. Be sure to give yourself enough time to recenter and hide out, and check in with your most trusted partners. With the Libra new moon, you’re given an opportunity to indulge in some solitude and to surrender to the unknown, but watch for the tensions it may generate with your siblings, studies, or local communications. As circumstances are revealed behind the scenes for you, continue to hold strong to your values and have faith in your buoyant resources.  


It’s September, sweet Sadge! And you’re probably starting to feel the back to fall pressures. As summer fades and our days grow shorter, your world begins to get wrapped up in your career. Early September is all about you getting serious on the job and honing your professional precision. You’re likely to get noticed for your keen eye and meticulous mind, and you may find yourself working more efficiently than usual. With the Pisces full moon, give yourself a minute to rest and sit with any big feelings that may be unraveling for you at home. Family might feel especially confusing or tender at this time, so find your right balance as to what you choose to give to others and what you choose to give to yourself. And as the season shifts to Libra later in the month, take a break from the office and get some quality time with your friends. Expand your network and take steps towards communities in alignment with your own goals and visions. The Libra new moon in September’s final days gives you a great opportunity to visualize and reimagine the future you’d like to create. It may stir up some tensions or insecurities around your resources, but it is also a window that wants to see you celebrate some ease and reconnect with your own wishes. Lean into your expansiveness, and allow any old stories weighing you down to sweetly dissolve. 


Welcome to September, Seagoats! The beginning of the month has your higher mind stirred and puts adventure at the top of your list. You’re likely to feel called into deeper study, travel, philosophy, and all that feels expansive and enlivening. But despite all the calls to get out there and explore, don’t neglect the gift of rest in equal measure. Find a meditative balance between your shared worldly activities and meaningful time and space that is just for you. When mid-month arrives, along with the Pisces full moon, notice how your local community and communications can be just as inspiring and illuminating as any advanced course or trip abroad appears to be. And, ideally, your renewed perspective will carry you into September’s later half with some keen professional insights. As we move into Libra season, you grow more serious and focused on your career goals. Who you are in the world and how you are seen is of great importance to you, and will be further amplified and examined in this window. Coupled with the Libra new moon, the end of this month asks you to voice some new commitments to your profession and to make sure that your work is in alignment with who you are looking to become. You may feel a lot of personal pressure, but try not to let fear get in the way of your goals.    


Hey Aquarius! As summer ends, you may find yourself slowing down and burning out, as September sees you pause to hole up and hermit. Early this month, you'd be wise to turn inward, and to reflect on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Find windows to grieve, to rest, and to get in touch with hidden or repressed issues. As the moon becomes full in the sign of Pisces, mid-month provides you with a potent window to reflect on your resources, and illuminates your relationship to fear and letting go. Spend time clarifying your own visions and seek a boost from friends that share in your shifting values. Then as the second half of September rolls through, and Libra season begins, you are stirred to a little more adventure. Come back out of your shell and go for a trip, or take up a new study with a partner. You’re in need of some fresh ideas and perspectives, and may find that their pursuit can stir up some inspiration for your secret projects. In the home stretch of September, aided by the new moon in Libra, you’re asked to make some new commitments to your education and global ties. Note, however, that your desire to get out and explore in the world may be stifled by undisclosed conflicts or behind the scenes responsibilities.  


September starts pretty sweet for you, dear fish! This month kicks off with a whole lotta support and focus on your relationships, helping you to call in the right partners and to better understand and engage with your friends. The heavy Virgo emphasis helps to balance your own expansive and emotional energy by bringing forth people and projects with clear and specific goals. These connections can aid in you feeling more grounded and present. With the Pisces full moon mid-month, you are reminded of your own spaciousness, and your ability to hold great compassion for your community. It is a window that asks you to be seen and show up selflessly, and it may be tied to some major growth at work that is pushing you to reimagine your own sense of self. Then tides begin to turn mid-month onward, as you begin to dive a little deeper into the nature and nuances of your connections with others. As Libra season arrives, you’re asked to reflect on your relationship to death, to loss, and to the intricacies of your intimacies. With the new moon at month’s end, you are given an opportunity to set some new intentions around these topics, and you are able to entertain new questions about your relationship to transformation and the secrets of others. Be aware that these insights may be tied to some conflict or strife with your greater community or support groups. You will be challenged to navigate any conflicting needs between your work with the collective and the rewards of deeper, more personal truths. 

Gabrielle Moritz