February Horoscopes

These horoscopes are written to be read for your rising sign, which you can calculate here with the time listed on your birth certificate. However, if you don’t know your rising sign, or are maybe just a contrarian, you can totally read for your sun sign or moon sign too. Your birth chart contains all 12 signs, so find what resonates for you.

Horoscopes for the month of February 2019


The month starts with friends and groups still well highlighted for you. Staying social is filling you with new ideas and a cool glow, so be sure to enjoy the rest of Aquarius season. In general, you’re running at full speed these days, feeling strong, active and actualized. Take advantage of this high energy and current charisma, as mid month sees your energy fade. Instead of channeling your usual rapid fire style, you’ll be asked to put your energy into building a more grounded foundation. Avoid any twinges of possessiveness or scarcity thinking, and use your stamina to create a steady and consistent action plan for your finances. You’re also feeling ready to pull away from the world by later Feb. Heed that call and follow your intuition. Your best bets for recharging are in meditative rest and loose dream states. Allow yourself to deeply soften into the final stretch of winter. But don’t hide away completely! You are rewarded for your public work and persona this month. Don’t shy away from responsibility, and pursue your calling with steady kindness and ease. You’re likely to find important allies and to be recognized for what you do. Work is a place of ongoing transformation and examination for you, so enjoy these gifts and notice how they lighten the load a little. And don’t forget the joys of escape when needed. Spontaneous adventures will serve you all year long as a source of expansion and growth.


Your calling is calling you! And the current spotlight is still on your career. You are most vital and engaged when pursuing your professional aims. Keep carving out the career path that highlights your unique set of skills. And allow some of that work to take place behind the scenes. You’ve had a lot simmering on the back-burner, out of sight, but your anxiety or restlessness may feel high. Surrender to this fire you’ve kept so well under wraps, and use it to keep working on your secret projects. In the middle of the month all that energy will start making its way through you and your body. Assert yourself and powerfully stand your ground, but watch for any unnecessary stubbornness. Regular activity might help keep you balanced, and could take place within your larger community as Pisces season floats in. Find the right supporters for your cause and spend time with folks that inspire new visions for your path ahead. Maybe even take a class, or teach one, that speaks to your higher mind. This month holds much satisfaction for you in exploring your world and expanding your mind. You’ve been really working on these topics, feeling pressure to refine and get at the core of your beliefs and worldview in a practical manner. Devotion to this exploration in February is likely to have new rewards and helpful reveals. You’re also going to continue to be asked to turn inward and look below the surface this year. The deeper you can go with yourself, the more likely gifts will be found. If there are pieces of your life that no longer feel authentic, let them go, and grieve them. And let this process illuminate the power of your present truth.


Things start out still pretty idealistic, as you’re spending a fair amount of time examining and theorizing the many meanings of the world around you. Keep exploring new ideas that spark your faith in a more radical future. Let them help guide your actions, as you continue to be fueled by your community and a heated sense of activism. Use your singular courage and boldness to enliven your crowd, protect your friends, and to burn away any past due associations. By Valentine’s your social fire will be dwindling, and you’ll be best served to find a secret hideaway for the occasion. Allow your energy to slow down and listen to your body for the rest of this month. Any angst or anxiety is simply asking you to return to your physical form and be present. Try to surrender to the simplicity of just being. And as you begin to step into this more grounded of energy, you will also begin to see your career take on new light. Your work in the world is to influence others through your compassion and grace. Lead with kindness in connection to your divine calling. And you may look to your ancestors, both cultural and familial, for inspiration on your path. For all of February, there are many treasure to be found for you in these unseen realms. You still have a great deal of challenges and transformations to unfold in regards to your inheritances and your hidden layers of self, but for this window, the process softens. The more vulnerable you are willing to get this month, the more love your chosen confidants can give you. Remember, too, that your relationships are a boon for growth and expansion throughout the year. When you need a break from being serious (which of course you will) partner up for some fun or embark on a new adventure for two.


Keep going deeper Cancer, as the sun is still busy shining light on all your shadows. Be curious about them, find comfort in letting go of old stories. For you, being vulnerable means cultivating cool detachment, instead of relying on your instinctive emotional nature. Allow this airy perspective to help you connect to the interdependent intimacy you truly need. And keep charging ahead in your work. The busy-ness is not quite over yet, but you’ve got a fair amount of fire power to help you carve out your place at the top of your field. Speak out and stand up for yourself when needed, and take full advantage of this professional punch while you’ve got it. At mid-month your energy lulls back down and finds steady action in your community sphere. You might have more regular plans or be needed to show up for friends, but there may also be some moments of conflict for you amidst your circles. Whatever the fallout, try to find consistent outlets for any stubborn angst and avoid social exhaustion. Maybe make time for a dreamy getaway as the sun slips into Pisces. You find yourself returning to your watery ways, and are ready for your next muse. Open yourself up to the world, and let your intuition guide more of your moves. Your gut may help you find some meaningful partners too. All month long your relationships are singing a slightly sweeter tune. The work of refining and intensifying your partnerships is still deeply ongoing, and no small task. But in February, there are more rewards to be found for the boundaries you have drawn. There’s some serious love to be shared in your world, so accept any sincere invitations that feed your heart. Let your various partners and other halves surprise you with tender treats, and learn how to receive as much as you give. Don’t forget to keep exploring your needs in health and habits, too! The details of your days have so much to teach you.


Your focus remains on relationships to start the month, as you find reflections of yourself in those you hold near and dear. Spend extra time with your love(s), call and catch up with your bestie, find a stellar business partner. Take advantage of new relationships opening up to you that brighten your shine. Maybe even look for a few outside of town? You’ve likely been hungry for some adventure, and traveling whenever possible. If not physically then at least in your mind. Keep seeking out your own singular worldview, and let any frustrations in faith spark further inquiry into which perspectives really excite you and which beliefs are worth fighting for. Hopefully this inspired energy carries you into new focus at work, as you’ll be asked to hunker down there at the second half of the month. Show up with brazen assurance and patience, but be careful not to become too stubborn. Stand firmly for your essential needs, and protect those of others in equal measure. Beyond your work, you also spend later February learning how to soften up. Allow yourself to fall into your own deep end, feeling the fullness of your emotions whether they make sense to you or not. You may fear that your hidden waters run too deep, but they are in fact a secret super power of yours. Try using the abundant creative gifts of this year to help you channel your hidden sensitivities into expression that feels good. And keep at those habits! You have a lot of increasing responsibilities to deal with, and you are deep in the work of rebuilding this part of your life. This month eases your experience of the work, and helps to soothe any health troubles. Invest in strategies that make your life feel more manageable and treat yourself to quality care of any ailments or annoyances.


Healthy habits are still the key to your success and getting a fair amount of attention. Try to be more innovative in how you structure your time or take care of your health. An alternative or lesser known practice may be just what you need — and research is your friend! Find a routine that feels uniquely you, rather than what you think you’re supposed to do. And make some time for yourself, as your well concealed impulsive streak is shouting louder than usual. Be bold in facing any old ghosts of yours, and remember your innate power. You’ve got a lot of hidden heat and fury behind your generally mild demeanor. But by Valentine’s, your earthier energy returns, and wants you to remember your body and experience the world through your senses. Physical travel, and movement, will likely become more pressing for you, and will also be a good way to relieve any antsiness. Check in with your thoughts these days too, as it’d be wise to cut away any fixed beliefs that have caused you more frustration than ease. You’ll also be looking to your partnerships by this phase of the month, as the others in your world begin to inspire and enchant you more than you’ve been accustomed too. Give in to the soft freedom you find in relating directly to another. And give in to whatever love comes your way! There’s a potential for some serious romance in February, and a moment of ease around your major projects. You’ve likely been working hard to get to the bottom of your creative essence and what you want to bring into the world as an expression of you. There is still a larger story unfolding around these themes, but for this month, you get a few new blooms and subtle insights into what’s working for you. Let pleasure find you and help dictate where you spend your time. Your family wants to help lift you, too. Whoever they may be, by blood or by choice, the people who anchor your world (yourself included) are helping you find inspired rest and deep seated faith all year.


Keep channeling your creative genius! Or find a few of ‘em to chat up at a party. You’re finding a little more fun these days, in both thought and practice. Relationships may be helping to heat up your days too. Maybe a little too hot, with fights or demands popping up between certain folks, while amusing sparks fly with others. Whatever it looks like for you, make sure you are showing up for the fire just as much as your partners are. At Valentine’s, things cool down to a cozier pull, that might be best shared with your most loyal, tender other(s). Do watch for any seething or hidden resentments, and allow active pleasure to help you transform. And furthering the importance of your greater bodily awareness, the Piscean waves will ask you to check in on your holistic health. Your well-being is deeply influenced by your emotions, so cultivate fluid and intuitive habits, founded in compassion for both self and other. Your routine doesn’t have to look good to feel good. You’re allowed to get a little messy. Spending more time at home may bring more ease to you as well. Matters of home and heath have been a real hot spot for you, with a lot of boundaries being (or needing to be) set and a lot of profound change taking place. Allow more comfort to make its way into your nest this month. Schedule regular time away from the world, and work on your love for you. Neighborhood jaunts may boost your spirits too, as local trips and communications continue to be a source of buoyant joy.


Stay staying in just a little while longer, as your home continues to be the biggest draw. Spend time with your folks, get regular rest, and steadily nourish yourself, away from the rest of the world. You’re likely grinding it out with you daily schedule anyways, so let that be your biggest energy pull for now. Whether you’re annoyed or thrilled with the pace of your chores, stay actively engaged with these practical needs and prioritize your health. You get to return to your more carnal pursuits just in time for Valentine’s. Relationships gain some new heat and urgency, pulling you in and reminding you of how good it is to be in a body. And partnered or not, you’ll be giving a good chunk of your focus to pleasurable passions and actions that help to temper and ground your more biting intensity. Seek fluidity, as the onset of Pisces season highlights your dreamier, musing side. Pour yourself into your labors of love and delight in new fantasies. And check out a new coffee shop or two while you’re at it. All month long there are small treats waiting for you just around the corner or on the other side of the screen. Siblings, communications, general studies, and local scenes have all been changing and challenging you. And the work is not done. But it is a little more bearable this February. Take note of what you enjoy in this pocket of your world and be available for its pleasant surprises. You’ve still got major growth and budding optimism towards your resources too. Practice generosity and gratitude, witnessing all that is abundant in your life and helps you to feel secure.


Don’t overlook the meaning to be found in local news and a quick google. Small trips, simple research, and casual content is where you’re most likely to find important information right now. Pay attention to conversations you have or hear at the grocery store or laundromat. Fill up on friendly chats or visits. Boldly make time for your own ardent expression too. Active and impassioned creativity is where your energy longs to be focused. Get fired up and seek out playful competition and healthy outlets for your excited recklessness. And then, around Valentine’s, figure out what energy you need to invest in your health. What issues or frustrations are coming to a head in how you practically use your time? What is an appropriate pace for your day? Any tensions that come up are asking you to sever from that which isn’t working.Your health requires steady care and consistency, and it is something to think about as you shuffle to your nest in later February. At this time, you’ll be ready to check out and let go from your worldly concerns. Retreat as needed, and spend some extra nights at home to ponder the unknowable, and dissolve into the great mystery. Your surrender will help you to emerge with a fuller sense of your faith and of yourself, as it is linked to your year long adventure of self expansion and major growth. And though resources and finances having been asking a lot of your dedication and perseverance, they lighten up a bit this month. Gifts may come your way or may be born of things you already possess. Take pride in your values and pleasure in your integrity.


Money matters are on the mind and tensions are still hot at home. As for cash, could you be more inventive with how you invest and leverage what you have? And do you have a clear picture of what you even want or need in regards to resources? Think on it when you get a break from all the family action. Your domestic scene might be tense, or see you physically moving homes, or could just be plain busy. Finish up that work and release any remaining frustrations by Valentine’s, when your energy mellows out. You’ll be ready for some simple feel good fun. Let the rest of Feb find you tangibly expressing your most creative self and blowing off steam in the most pleasurable of manners. Try taking your flirtier vibes around town too, as Pisces season lights up your local life. Communication and quick commutes are emphasized, and highlighting your intuitive side, no less. Be curious about your environment and as engaged as you are called to be. And TREAT YOURSELF! You have been through it for a while now. You’ve got big-time responsibilities weighing on you and an unending overhaul to your very being. SO, while that all still stands, take advantage of the comforts that come your way. Celebrate who you have become so far, and center yourself as your greatest source of pleasure. Eat good food, buy beautiful things, bask in your own newly rosy glow. Embody the love you wish to receive, this February. And if you just need a break, take one. Sacred solitude is very much your friend this year. So get out of town by yourself for a bit, and surrender to the growth that you are promised but can’t yet see.


Soak up your spotlight and be seen for all your stubborn strangeness. Allow time to celebrate your own essence and further develop your anomalous self. Follow your impulses and focus on your own needs for now. Watch out for information overload, too! Your local scene is still pretty animated and you’ve plenty to do. Find the pace that works for you and allow for healthy self assertion in your communications with folks. By Valentine’s, your pace will nearly halt, as your energy will pull you into some serious nesting. Your home life might experience some underlying tensions or find you feeling a little bit hesitant or restless. Name and detach from any stubborn stories or patterns that are keeping you from a sense of ease. Find a slow and steady domestic rhythm that works for you. Look into your feelings around finances too. As the Pisces waters roll in, you reflect on what it is that you value and how it’s supporting you. You’re quite tender in this realm, and may struggle to know what to share and what to keep when it comes to resources. Remember to keep your own cup full enough so that you can give from a place of wholeness rather than insecurity. And keep this in mind when you get too wrapped up in a new cause, as you will be greatly expanding your communities and sense of philanthropy. Find the right balance for you, and pay attention to which friends do and do not align with your core values. And take regular breaks from those social scenes to get some perspective. You’re being forced to do some serious alone time and working hard well away from the world. It’s probably not been easy, or much fun, but your ability to surrender is serving you. It should sweeten this month, so take some pleasure in your hiding. Rest and work in secret on the projects you enjoy, keeping some things between just you and the ether. Embrace your ongoing unraveling with abundant kindness and steadfast devotion to all that is beyond you.


Surrender, sweet Pisces, and allow yourself to detach from it all. Let your feelings rest, and use the first half of February to look at the big picture, to think about things theoretically. Get lost in thoughts and watch how how their threads show up in your dreams. You also may be feeling the burn in your finances, or be spending a lot of energy investing in resources. Keep on keepin’ on and working to claim more security for yourself. Your mood will lighten by Valentine’s, and you can use any extra energy to get in touch with your friends around town. Move about your neighborhood scene, and try to prioritize the errands and conversations that help to recharge you. You’ll want to have plenty of juice to celebrate your solar season and slip back into your expansive feels. Express yourself as you see fit later in the month. Revel in your visionary vastness and let it further illuminate all that you are. Share these gifts more freely with your friends too. Your allies, groups, and wishes for your future are all rife with serious responsibilities and a severe somberness. These major developments still have much to say, but this month they are asked to speak a little softer, to wreak a more compassionate havoc, and to be kind as often as possible. Don’t underestimate the power of even the smallest acts of love from your collective community. And still cookin’ all year are your career leaps and advancements. Be visible at work, share your visions, and have wild faith in your calling.